“Do you want to take Cody home today?”

For a moment, the question caught me off guard.  I had stopped by the vet with Magic to drop off some paperwork on his October heartworm test in Quincy, Illinois, drop off a “sample,” and check on Magic’s weight.

“Yes, Cody will be going home today…”

“OK, we just want to make sure you’re OK, it hasn’t been too long, we know it can still be painful.”

And we waited about 15 minutes for the examination room with the scale to become available.

There is another examination room behind the cashier counter and that room is used only for one activity.  I know that room.  Cody, on January 8th, Tyler in 2003, and other pets of my past have been in that room with me.  There is a large framed print on the west wall entitled, His Master’s Bed…a white Labrador sound asleep on a large bed, a window looking out on a pastoral scene, curtains blowing gently, very peaceful.

A woman, about my age, with curly reddish blond hair stepped out of that room.  She was in full grief, holding an orange cloth over her eyes…sobbing.  I know that room.  I wanted to comfort her but she moved quickly to one of the open examination rooms and was gone.

A gorgeous Border collie mix came in off-leash with his owner, a woman about 30 wearing Adidas athletic warm-ups and a Chicago Blackhawks hat.  The dog, Homer, was quite a gentleman.  His lower body was white and reddish tan ticking, his upper body was gray, black and white ticking…topped off with a large parallelogram of pure black on his back and left side.  He jumped up on the wooden bench next to his Mom and was very well behaved.

And what about Magic?  Magic always receives high compliments for his handsomeness – “my o my what a gorgeous boy, oh’ that dog is gorgeous, oh he is beautiful.  I am so lucky.  And Magic was very good, very respectful.  Just a look and he sits…amazing how that communication works between man and dog.

012 014

Magic weighed in at 46.2 pounds.  I know that Kathy P. and the good-hearted volunteers from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue (GLBCR) will be thrilled with Magic’s weight – he weighed only 33 when he came into rescue.

010 005

Magic’s progress with obedience, behavior, learning and sweetness has been a joy to watch.  I have increased his off-leash time outside and he really gets it…responds immediately to “Come here, Magic.”  He pays attention, a very sharp boy!  An EXTREMELY sweet boy!

If I have one regret with Cody, I did not drive him out to Oregon to spend time with me on the beautiful beaches, the paths, the pine forests, the cool air, the great people of the area around Cannon Beach.  I believe that a beach in Oregon, the Pacific ocean to to west and fog-shrouded pines to the east, the surf, people with their happy dogs, running free will be a perfect final resting place.  Magic and I will be making the drive in summer…sometime…

“Don’t forget Cody!”

A simple square box, black, Cody (January 8th 2015).  Within, is a brass metal can and Cody’s paw print in plaster.

-Cody and Magic’s Dad


My Dad wanted to take over my writing duties so he could write about his vacation out in Oregon.  Think again.  You tell me what happened and I’ll write the story.  I’m sure you have better things to do.  Blah-blah-blah.  That took all of five minutes, sounds like you had a great trip.  But what is with all the dogs?  You’re out of town for five days and I am left at home with Uncle Ed and you forget all about me?  OK, OK…I’ll write the story.  I think the Scion xB is dirty, this is probably a good time to go out and wash it.


This is JACK.  A traditional black & white Border collie.  This photo was taken in the parking area at the Mount Neahkahnie overlook, also known by My Dad and his sister, Mary, as “Tingle Town” because of the sheer cliff wall adjacent to the parking area.  JACK does not bark in the car.  His Mom and Dad had “Just Married” painted on the windows of their Subaru.  Jack was amenable to petting from My Dad.


This is ZIG-ZAG, a blue merle/blue-eyed Aussie who was with his Mom and Dad outside the food market in downtown Cannon Beach.  He let My Dad pet him but he was VERY attached to his Dad, a USMC veteran who had served in Vietnam.007

This is ALLIE (I think).  She is a black & white Border collie who was VERY fixated on her Frisbee – GO FIGURE!  My Dad said that he threw the Frisbee to ALLIE four or five times…she is a very good catch (GO FIGURE).  That is Haystack Rock in the background.  Gorgeous weather for Cannon Beach…very sunny and warm.


This gorgeous girl was waiting for her Dad to finish his business at the Post Office in Seaside, OR.  My Dad thinks her name is ALLIE, too.  She was VERY focused on what her Dad was doing in the Post Office.


This gorgeous girl is another blue-merle Aussie who was walking Short Sand Beach with her Mom.  My Dad, the wizard that he is, forgot her name.  She was not too keen on My Dad petting her.



Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

These are three images from Falcon Cove, just south of the Arch Cape Area.  The top view is looking to the south, the bottom view is looking to the north.  My Dad and his sister were there for two hours and saw four people.  The bottom image is of the beach at Falcon Cove during high tide. millions of smooth disc-shaped black basalt rocks.  My Dad mentioned something about the location of the beach at Falcon Cove being a SECRET.