The comments made by followers of Cody’s blog, my friends from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue (GLBCR), and Facebook friends have been emotional, supportive and loving.  One of my very good soccer referee friends sent me flowers and with Cody’s collar and picture, I have a makeshift memorial.  It does provide comfort and Magic is very interested in the smell of the flowers.

As all of you know, four weeks ago, I adopted a young male Border Collie from GLBCR whose new name is MAGIC.  While the higher-ups at at GLBCR were fully aware that I was interested in adopting another Border Collie, they were also fully aware that my next Border Collie would be a working Therapy Dog.  An appropriate Border Collie (ASH) that was available in the summer became unavailable because that Border Collie had worked his ‘magic’ on the man who was baby-sitting him for five days.  The baby-sitter became the adopter – a happy ending for the dog, ASH, and for GLBCR.

In September, sometime, a young male Border Collie was picked up as a stray by the Adams County (Quincy, IL) Humane Society.  GLBCR was contacted by Adams County and this young boy was rescued by GLBCR and transported to Crown Point, IN to be fostered by Kathy P., a foster-mom in Crown Point, IN.  Kathy P. recognized this dog’s personality and potential and contacted me.  I met this dog on Saturday, 22 November and immediately fell in love with him, as does everyone who meets him.  So, a stray in Quincy, IL ends up with Tom and Cody…what are the odds?  The passing of Cody, my full time companion for 11 years, has been an emotional trauma.  Without this young Border Collie, MAGIC, fostered by Kathy P., I’d be in serious trouble.  Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue is one of hundreds of organizations dedicated to rescuing and re-homing dogs.  I applaud the organization, their amazing volunteers, and their mission…AMAZING PEOPLE ALL!  Thank you for finding another Border Collie for me!

Magic and Cody the day before Cody crossed the bridge.  They were becoming very good friend and sleeping partners.

Magic and Cody the day before Cody crossed the bridge. They were becoming very good friends and sleeping partners.



For lovers of the breed, I encourage a visit to the Border Collie Museum (  If you are a user of Facebook, take a look at Texas Sheep Dogs, the gorgeous dogs of Betty Gillis of LaVernia, Texas.  Ticking, split-face, merle, prick ears, flop ears…blah, blah, blah.  What it comes down to is that Border Collies (in general) are not bred for their looks, they are bred for their BRAINS.  Take me, Cody, for example.  Humans have thought that I am a Springer Spaniel, a German Short-haired pointer, and (cringe) a Dalmatian.  Humans are even asking My Dad what kind of dog Magic is.  That suggests that some people were bred for looks and not brains…mmmmmph.

But, back to ears.  Magic has prick ears and sometimes they look big enough to be part of the Early Warning System used to detect ballistic missiles coming in from over the North Pole.  (Yes they do, you BABY…)  What?  Don’t be mean?  He is so sensitive…  OK, I’ll tone it down.  My Dad is threatening to withdraw blog privleges.  My Dad has noticed that some people seem averse to saying hi to Magic.  Mmmm…Magic is inky black and has those prick ears.  From a distance, he looks and sounds VERY imposing, especially when he (thinks) he has seen a squirrel (just a leaf blowing around…sigh).  His silhouette looks like a German Shepard dog.  So do Magic’s ears make him scary looking?


DOG # 1


DOG #2

Am I NOT cute?

Ferocious DOG # 3


DOG # 4


DOG # 5

Which of the five dogs featured above appear to be the most ferocious looking?  Take your time, look VERY carefully before you make your choice.

Aha!  That is what I thought, too!  The third dog looks the most ferocious.  Must be the ears.  YOU BABY!

Gotta go, My Dad is coming…     -Cody


Good evening.  Cody’s Dad filling in for Cody who is a bit pouty (No I’m NOT!) since the arrival of the Magic-man.  For the most part, the two Border collies are in their own orbits, doing their own thing.  But when Magic starts squeaking toys and throwing toys about the living room, Cody will always emerge and confront me…”play with me, throw some toys for me, I want a squeaky toy.”  And Cody has “corrected” Magic five times; usually with subtle showing of the teeth and Magic responds immediately.  Yesterday morning, there was a showing of the teeth and a “move” towards Magic which resulted in a yelp and an immediate retreat – no damage except to Magic’s psyche.

Magic’s comfort level and his realization of where he fits into the daily routine has been moving very quickly.  He is a very smart boy who watches everything.  He prefers sleeping with Cody and me in the king-size bed, he is VERY good at “let’s go out” signals, and he is acclimating to trips in the car.  He learned “shake”  in 12 tries.  He LOVES greeting people, he is very affectionate and loves to put his nose very close to your face and ears…the whiskers cause some tickling.

Last night, Magic was trying to decide where to sleep – the love seat in the living room or in the king-size bed with me and Cody.  He initially chose the love seat but started alert-barking.  He has a deep, gravelly, very intimidating bark, and can also come in with a very menacing growl.  However this bark and growl combination is so in contrast with his happy-go-lucky and endearing personality – THIS BOY LOVES EVERYONE.  I cajoled him into the bedroom, closed the door, and he immediately jumped up into MY part of the bed.  He tolerated getting pushed over to HIS sleeping area and then it was lights out until 600am.  Magic has been sleeping through the night.  Still no accidents and at this point I believe we are not going to see any, he has been VERY steady.

Two BC's on the king-size bed.  Just don't get in Cody's grill.

Two BC’s on the king-size bed. Just don’t get in Cody’s grill.

When he does want to go out, he walks to the entry-exit door and presses his head into the door…….and just stands there while looking back for me.  While we started out with leash and collar walking, Magic was lunging, especially at passing cars.  His wonderful foster-Mom, Kathy, from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, suggested that I use a harness.  I had a purple harness from Cody’s younger days.  Wow, what an amazing change of pace.  Magic immediately stopped his lunging and he is much easier to control (and train) regarding his fascination with moving cars.

And while we are on the subject of cars, Magic appears to be adjusting to going bye-bye in the Scion.  He is now jumping into the front passenger seat with no hesitation.  He will NOT jump into the back or have anything to do with the back…too close to Cody?

"Bye-bye in the Scion.  I am very quiet and don't pay much attention to cars when I am IN the car.

“Bye-bye in the Scion. I am very quiet and don’t pay much attention to cars when I am IN the car.

During our second walk this morning, Magic suddenly slowed his pace and let out a growling bark, alerting me to a lone male to our right.  Good job, Magic!

Am I NOT cute?

Am I NOT cute?


Good morning from Cody’s Dad.  Magic is getting into a rhythm…he is going poop on every walk.  And this morning’s walk resulted in his first solid poop.

Bed time, last night, was interesting.  Magic’s beddy was brought into the bedroom and placed on the floor next to me.  I climb in bed and three second later, Magic was up next to my head, instantly comfy and looking into my eyes.  He then adds the touch of a paw for further drama – “You’re OK with this, right?”

Cody then enters the bedroom and I assist him up on the bed.  He takes one glance at Magic and moves directly to his favorite spot on HIS side of the bed.  Magic moves over to Cody, begins sniffing his face, Cody shows his teeth and Magic returns to his original spot near me at the headboard.  Lights out from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am.  Not a peep from either BC.

This morning after breakfast and two walks, Magic suddenly transforms into a whirling dervish…tossing squeaky toys in the air, throwing toys on the love seat, bouncing up on the love seat, throwing toys around, running around BACKWARDS, and squeaking every squeaky toy he can find.  Then, the Codeman wants to get involved…barking at me…barking at Magic, picking up squeaky toys.

Yesterday, Magic was taken for a drive in the Scion up to Lake Zurich.  No drooling, no throwing-up, no barking…a good boy.  In Lake Zurich at Chris’s house, the Siamese cat took one look at Magic, ignited her afterburners, and LAUNCHED up the stairs in a flash.  Magic was interested but listened VERY well to stay at the bottom of the stairs.

While I like my personal bed very much...

While I like my personal bed very much…

...Tom and Cody's bed is pretty comfy, too.

…Tom and Cody’s bed is pretty comfy, too.


Good morning from Cody’s Dad!  At the moment, I have two Border collies in my office and they are sleeping within three feet of each other.  As always, Cody has been the King of Aloofness – nothing rattles him.  Our first night together was actually NO BIG DEAL.  Upon arrival, yesterday afternoon, I took Magic for a long walk before bringing him into the apartment.  Magic has been very relaxed through the first 19 hours.  He was so relaxed in his new surroundings that I brought his bed into the bedroom, placed it on the floor next to me, and he knew that’s where he was going to sleep.  I awoke at 4:15 this morning and he was in the bed, sound asleep.  Since he hadn’t had his first poop yet, I got dressed and took him out. No accidents during the night.  He was very efficient with a long pee and his first poop.  Cody didn’t even bother waking up for this event.  During activities in the kitchen this morning, both BC’s were in the kitchen, their bodies touching as they sat next to each other.  Cody and Magic have been very respectful and accepting of each other, and for those of us who know how the Codeman operates, this is no surprise.  A few times this morning, Cody picked up a squeaky toy that had been examined by Magic, Magic would come over and deftly remove the toy from Cody’s mouth.  Cody’s reaction?  “Here, take the toy, nothing to argue about, we’re cool.”  No growling, no arguments, no attempts at domination.

Magic taking a nap.  Interesting that he places his head on a convenient pillow.

Magic taking a nap. Interesting that he places his head on a convenient pillow.

Magic has taken to his bed..."I know what this is!"

Magic has taken to his bed…”I know what this is!”

Magic has displayed EXCEPTIONAL skills with meeting people and new dogs.  Brandy, who belongs to Donna, stopped by for a visit.  Brandy can be aggressive with dogs who are aggressive with her, but within seconds of meeting Magic, she dropped into the play position.  Magic became a little unsettled with Flip, a Pug, after she started to bat him with her paws, but he just backed off.  After breakfast I saw Magic starting to look out the slider and two windows, like he wanted to go out.  We were outside within a couple of minutes and he promptly took another long pee and another poop.

"What's next, Dad?"

“What’s next, Dad?”

Cody has started to acknowledge Magic’s presence…he will look at him while exchanging nose touches.  They are both very polite with each other’s spacing.  They are drinking simultaneously  from the jumbo water bowl in the kitchen.  Magic has become aware of the secondary water bowl in the bathroom, very useful in keeping heads of the toilet.

And, Magic jumped up on the love seat for a nap.  He knows where comfort is!


“Cody told me I am allowed on the furniture. OK!”


I don’t know about this…I have been called out of retirement to work with a youngster, turn him into a Therapy Dog.  Mmmm…think I can score some extra BusyBones for sharing my expertise, my years of experience?  What?  Yes?  OK?

OK, My Dad says he will provide one extra BusyBone a week, but that is all…just one.  Seems my new young charge is also a Border collie and that transferring my skills to him shouldn’t present any major difficulties.  But all rescue dogs have a story…can you give me a briefing?  My Dad is in a very good mood.  We just returned from a long car ride.  In spite of the snow and wind, My Dad kept the left rear window open ALL the time so I was given the opportunity for plenty of barking at all despised delivery trucks.  Hello.  Anyone home?  Earth to Dad.  Yes, a briefing on the new Border collie.

Blah, blah, blah…that’s it?  That’s his story?  Let’s see if I got all that.

This young male Border collie was found as a stray somewhere down in southern Illinois, near Quincy.  That is Adams County, where My Dad and I worked that Arson-Methamphetamine case.  If you don’t remember that very interesting story that also mentioned McDonald’s hamburgers, go back in my archives and take a look at it.  Seems when the Adams County Humane Society has a Border collie brought in, a quick phone call goes out to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue (GLBCR).  A GLBCR volunteer rescued this young male (un-neutered…”dude you won’t stay un-neutered for long, sorry”) Border collie and drove him to Crown Point, Indiana to be fostered by Kathy.  Kathy named him Reade.  Recognizing Reade’s looks and personality as a potential Therapy dog, Kathy contacted My Dad who had been looking for another Border collie for Therapy dog work.  As you will recall, I am in semi-retirement.  This past Saturday, My Dad, Chris, and Kim, traveled down to Crown Point to meet this “diamond in the ruff” (Thanks, Kathy).  My Dad was very taken with the sweet nature and extremely good looks of Reade, so after my approval (I get along with everyone) which will take place on December 6th, Reade will take on a new identity…his new name will be MAGIC!  Pretty cool, right.  A magical Border collie, rescued from Adams County, Illinois who will soon be a working Border collie, a Certified Therapy dog.


This young Border collie's new name will MAGIC!

This young Border collie’s new name will be MAGIC!


“Do you want to GO to the Border Collie picnic?”

Whenever I hear the word “GO,” my ears prick up and my head tilts to the right.  Of course I want to GO!  Bye-bye in the car, right?  I am going with My Dad to the Border Collie picnic IN THE CAR…right?  Early yesterday morning, I was assisted into the back of the Scion xB – RIGHT INTO A CRATE!  What is this?  No barking out the window?  Who will be looking out for the nefarious delivery trucks…no, not Chris.  Wait, wait, wait…re-think this approach.  FEDEX, UPS, U.S. Mail, those long trucks that carry new cars, going OVER bridges, going UNDER bridges, railroad crossings…sigh.  How can I alert My Dad to all of these dangers?  How BORING for a Border collie…sitting in a crate.  Hours and hours of BORED, BORDER, BOREDEST…  And, My Dad stopped at McDonald’s TWICE – NO HAMBURGERS.  Complaints will be filed!


Well, I didn’t have to stay in a crate during our time at the Picnic.  A lot of Border collies were there, maybe 50.  Each Border collie wore a bandana color based on their temperament.  Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected (that’s me) was given the “good with everybody” color.  I am an expert at minding my own business.  A quick hello with most of the Border collies will suffice, although a red Border Collie, MUNCH, was very amiable and had a lot to say – about everything.  I liked him a lot.

This is my buddy, Munch.  He had a lot to say about everything.  He was very respectful of my stature as a subtle alpha male.

This is my buddy, Munch. He had a lot to say about everything. He was very respectful of my stature as a subtle alpha male.


No hamburgers meant that I was getting pretty hungry at lunch time.  My Dad and Chris were eating Subway sandwiches and I was being ignored.  I stood up, shook, gave My Dad “eye” and started barking.  Where is MY food?  How about some of your sandwiches?  I can really push My Dad around, easy stuff for a determined Border collie.  Subway sandwiches are pretty good.  Even Chris had me eating out her hand.  Dad, we really have to re-think car rides in the crate…


My loyal followers are well aware that I have been a Certified Therapy Dog most of my life.  The years are catching up with me, though.  I am moving a little slower, my hearing has become a bit more selective, but I can still spot a squirrel in a tree from 50 yards…HA!  I can be very sassy with My Dad, especially in the morning when he is trying to make coffee.  ARE WE GOING OUT?  I’VE BROUGHT SOME TOYS IN, PAY ATTENTION!  WHEN ARE WE GOING IN THE SCION?  DON’T FORGET A BUSYBONE!  HEY, I HAVE TO GO OUT, DON’T FORGET!  However, I have a VERY sweet personality and I have always been very gentle and very respectful.

Friday evening, My Dad started asking me, “Do you want to work, tomorrow?”  That question will always trigger the to-the-right-head-tilt.  “And then we can go bye-bye in the car to Marengo.”  Wow, working and a long bye-bye in the Scion xB…life just can’t get any better!  So, Saturday morning we were on the road at 9:00 a.m. to visit with the mother of Chris.  Chris is really working me hard…politicking me.  I must admit, she is very talented at rubbing the areas around my ears.  OK, OK, just stick to the story.  I think the Scion windows need some cleaning…hint, hint.  Promptly at 9:30 on Saturday morning, My Dad and I arrived at the Cedar Lake Senior Facility, My Dad attached the leash to my Therapy Dog collar and we head off for some work.  You know how I operate – just walk in like you own the place.  The staff and several residents were talking in the great room entry area and as usual, when I appear, time stops and all attention is on me.  And then come the questions…  Is that a boy or girl?  (duh, I’m a boy) What kind of dog? (I’m a Border collie, here, take one of my business cards)  May I pet him?  (Of course, and please pet me like you mean it)  What is his name?  (Cody, I’m Cody, here is a card).  My Dad, Chris, and I took the elevator to the second floor.  Chris’s Mom, Dorothy, was working a puzzle with two of her friends but she was very happy to see me and took time to visit.  My Dad, the wizard that he is, brought some treats, so everyone had the opportunity to see how gentle I am.



And after visiting Dorothy, My Dad and I took off for Marengo, Illinois for some “investigative” assignment  – strictly confidential.


We drive all the way to Marengo, spend three hours there, and then drive back to Lake Zurich.  NO HAMBURGERS!  I am filing a complaint with…somebody.  And to make matters worse, My Dad leaves me at Chris’s house with Melissa (Chris’s daughter) and two cats, although I was given the opportunity to meet only one of the cats, a flighty Siamese named Willow.  All of my loyal followers are well aware that I am OK with cats – no chasing, barking at, threatening – herding dogs like cats.  Soooo, check out the YouTube video of Melissa coaxing Willow to walk past me – while I am trying to sleep.  Yes, I raised my head to look at Willow, but that was more to to show her I was aware of her presence – not to startle her – I think.




My Dad and I have had a busy week.  We drove up to Woodstock, Illinois to file the return affidavit on “The BIGAMIST” case.  On US 14, the despised brown cube – UPS- was driving next to us for a long time…see the pictures below.  Yes, I really gave it to him, out the left rear window of the Scion…I know what to do…jeez.

I am going to start a new organization, ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH.  I met with my good buddy OLIVER, yesterday, to discuss the organizational plans.  Oliver, also know as Ollie, did not like the length of the name…he wanted to shorten it up a bit to O.B.E.P … So, the two of us are in a bit of a disagreement over the logo, the brand.  Perhaps my loyal followers could provide some assistance.  My feeling on this is,  WHO is going to know what OBEP means?  Even if it is coupled with an image of a black eye patch being worn by a handsome dog…I was thinking of me…but then again, I really wouldn’t need to wear an eye patch.  But, I am WAY more handsome than Oliver…but that is between me and my loyal, wonderful, intelligent, followers.  I am envisioning T-Shirts, hats, decals all with the slogan and my picture – ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH.  What?  Huh?  You’re kidding?  My Dad just made a poorly-timed comment about infringing on the trademark of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I don’t think so…are those two teams made up of dogs (?), all of them with black eye patches…duh.  Dad, you stick to your investigative work, and let me handle the marketing for my entrepreneurial spirit.  So, Oliver (I never call him Ollie, he does not like that name) and I were having a serious discussion about the big plans for the ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH and who comes out of his apartment with his Mom, Danielle?  Mr. Covert, Mr. Spy, Mr. Fighting the Forces of Evil, Mr. Mysterious…the 12 pound Jack Bauer.  Talk  talk  talk  talk  talk.  Jack!  Take a breath…  Ahhh, no…you will not allowed to be a member of ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH.  You will purchase a hat, a decal, and a t-shirt?  Mmmm….perhaps we’ll consider an honorary membership.  By the way, Jack Bauer (that is his real name) is a Pomegranate.  What?  Spell that…oh, ok.  OK, My Dad corrected me, Jack Bauer is a Pomeranian.  Jack is, how do I put this diplomatically, delusional?  He is always telling me about his (covert) adventures (Right, Jack) as an agent for:  THE AGENCY FOR FIGHTING THE FORCES OF EVIL.  Sounds a bit contrived, but I see potential for T-Shirts, hats and a decal.  Jack, Jack…wait up!

UPS...I see you!

UPS…I see you!

The DESPISED cube...UPS...


My buddy OLIVER, I bet you get the ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH, now...right?

My buddy OLIVER, I bet you get the ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH, now…right? or is it left?

Me with the delusional super-sleuth JACK BAUER, and his very tolerant Mom, Danielle.

Me with the delusional super-sleuth JACK BAUER, and his very tolerant Mom, Danielle.


Going bye-bye in the Scion xB is always FUN!  But when My Dad brings me on a (shhhh) CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT, all of my favorite things happen…barking out the window, hamburgers from McDonald’s, being on the lookout for the despised delivery trucks, off-leash walks in State Parks, and continually alerting My Dad to all road hazards.  We were out early on Thursday for the drive to the Kane County Judicial Complex – to serve McHenry County Divorce papers on THE BIGAMIST.  My Dad had been monitoring his latest miscreant; a sociopath with multiple DUI’s, pending felony charges and the worst…being married to more than one woman, TWICE!  My Dad had given me a full, unadulterated briefing, on Mr. Smarty-Pants.  My Dad is usually a lot smarter, a lot more creative, a lot more cunning, than your average low-grade human being.  So My Dad had developed intel (intelligence) on Mr. Smarty-Pants Bigamist (Mr. SPB) and was aware that Mr. SPB was scheduled for a hearing on one of his felony cases…Thursday morning, 9:00 a.m., Court Room 305. My Dad and I arrived at the courthouse at 8:00 a.m.  My Dad rolled down all of the windows, cracked the (secured) hatchback, so I had ventilation.  He also parked under a tree.  It was pretty cool and overcast that morning, so, no worries about me overheating in the Scion.  I had water, I was in the Scion, I was cool…life was good.  When My Dad returned, he did not have the McHenry County documents with him – SUCCESS!  Mr SPB stepped out of the elevator right at 9:00 a.m.  Just a blank stare when My Dad served him…go figure…

I know, I know…I love to talk about barking out my window in the Scion xB.  Here is some documentation that shows how much fun I have with this activity.  And, a picture of a rainbow from My Dad’s soccer tournament in Lockport on Saturday…just trying to please everyone…   -Cody