Keeping an eye out for squirrels is (almost) a full time job.

Keeping an eye out for squirrels is (almost) a full time job.


Give me about 10 minutes, I’m blogging.  Yes, yes…go warm up the Scion…yes, sounds like a plan…

My Dad can be very funny.  Very early this past Tuesday morning, about 1:15 a.m. early, he jumped up out of bed and moved very quickly to the bathroom.  As a smart and intuitive Border collie, I was very interested in this unusual behavior, so, I moved quickly to the bathroom, too.  And I’m not quite sure that was the right move…perhaps I should have stayed in bed.  My Dad was on his hands and knees barking at the toilet.  Oh, another important part of the story…My Dad’s head was INSIDE the toilet while he was barking.  So, I thought it was wise to bark, too, you know, sort of being the Border collie backup, providing support…wouldn’t you agree?  Evidently, My Dad didn’t agree.  He waved his left hand at me, which I took to mean barking support was really not necessary…at that moment…OK…  And let me see if I remember how may times My Dad was angry at the toilet, something I have NEVER seen him do before, 4 more times after that, 5 more times after that?  I gave My Dad the look, you know, the Border collie has a question look…”why so angry at the toilet?”   Mmmmmmph…no answer.  While My Dad did take me for my walks, he was moving very slowly, and he slept almost all day Tuesday.

My Dad was back to normal yesterday, playing with, talking with me, and we took a drive into the city.  My Dad had to meet with another soccer referee to plan for an upcoming course, a referee instructor course, I think.  Anyway, the other referee had a dog, a Standard Poodle, whose name is GRYFF, he is black and 46 pounds.  So, if you have been following my blog, you already know that I, too, am 46 pounds.  After a 20 minute off-turf meeting, just so nobody had their sensitive Poodle feelings hurt, we went into Gryff’s house and wrestled for about 30 minutes.  I think I was a split-second faster on my moves, counter-moves, and counter-counter moves.  Gryff showed me his soft underbelly a few times (“Oh, Magic, just end it right here…”) but I play fair, I don’t want my friends to get hurt.  I slept great last night.  -Magic


Standing your ground

Standing your ground.  No, no, no….don’t get the wrong idea.  Nothing like that George guy in Florida.  A LOT MORE SERIOUS!  Pit Bulls v. me, the Border collie.  My Dad told me about comments on the American Kennel Club (AKC) website concerning the Border collie temperament… “When approached, the Border Collie should stand its ground. It should be alert and interested, never showing fear, dullness or resentment.”

When I meet a new dog, my semi-erect ears go alert, my fluffy white tail stands up and wags briskly…AND…I stand my ground.  I am OK with a dog approaching me, checking me out.  “But you had better be polite about it, or I will turn it into a teaching moment!”  I am VERY confident in my dog-ness, my Border collie-ness.  I am smart, intelligent and intuitive.  So, lets get back to the Pit bulls…

Two summers ago, an August evening.  My Dad and I are out for the final walk of the day.  As always, I am off-leash.  I am suddenly faced with two pit bulls, one tan, the other gray.  Running right at me, nothing about being friends, they are trying to bite my neck.  Now, now…before you throw yourself into a tizzy, you must realize that I am a ROUGH coat Border collie.  We come in SMOOTH, SEMI-ROUGH, AND ROUGH coats.  About once or twice a year, my Dad takes me in for a grooming, a puppy cut, and so, for awhile, I look like a SMOOTH coat Border collie – actually I look VERY handsome and my exposed under coat is very smooth and very soft.  But enough about me…back to those gang-banger Pit bulls.  On this particular evening, I am a ROUGH coat Border collie.  And, I STAND MY GROUND.  Bring it on creeps!  Actually I was much more composed than my Dad.  But, there was still BARKING – SNARLING – GROWLING.   And then, just as quick as they started this unnecessary affront, they left.  Perhaps a 15 – 20 second dust up.  My Dad checked me out…no bites, no cuts, no blood.  My rough coat fur around my neck was wet with their creepo saliva…….but no damage.  Phew.Image