Chicago, Illinois USA

Bio: HI! This is MAGIC's, Dad. Thank you for visiting Magic's blog and my blog, Vietnam70to73. I am a two-tour Vietnam vet, private detective, and a soccer referee. And the proud Dad to an amazing Border collie. Thank you! P.S. My CODEMANBC banner photo was taken by Betty Gillis and features her working Border collies. Check out Texas Sheep Dogs on Facebook and the web...AMAZING photos!

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  2. I’m going to share this blog on all of my BC facebook pages. I love this! And, Codeman, I just bought a new Subaru, just for my dogs. Pay us a visit one day, and I’m sure my BC, Eddie, will let you drive it!!!!!

    • Hey Kristina! Are you trying to imitate my facial markings? Looks pretty cool…Ask Eddie if I can steer and he can operate the pedals….will that work? My Dad was considering a Subaru. I know he likes the Scion xB…he says it’s like driving a go-cart. I barked at 12 mail trucks today…if Eddie is interested. -Cody

      • Dear Codman,
        I am trying to imitate your facial markings because they’re pretty awesome! I think you and Eddie could definitely be pen pals! Or play mates! This new Subaru is really cool because it is a new model called the crosstrek. It can go off roading, and it was pretty much made for dogs like you and Eddie! I can even hose it out after Eddie leaves drool marks all over the windows and paw prints on the seats! But, the scion xb seems really cool too… I’ve never been in one! Eddie would probably be ok with operating pedals as long as he can pop up every once in a while to herd all of the mail trucks with you. It will be like your own personal sheep herding vessel!

  3. I don’t drool on the windows. I leave nose prints and spittle spray…left rear window especially…that’s my favorite window to bark from. Eddie and I will need some work on switching back and forth between the steering wheel and the pedals…we can practice in YOUR Subaru…OK? My Dad says he’ll take video. -Cody

  4. I learned about your blog from rachel mankowitz’s blog; she lists yours as one of her favorites. I certainly had a good time reading about you and seeing your photos. If your human likes dog stories (about other dogs), tell him to try http://www.maijaharrington.com where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs. It’s a lighthearted look at 10 years of living with these flat-faced, frog-eyed little gremlins and providing foster care through Pug Rescue of North Carolina. They are MUCH different from you! Lots of folks like the book and think it’s funny, so your dad may enjoy it, too. Anyway, I look forward to new posts from you!

    • I have a pug friend – Flip. She respects my Border collie-ness and that I am an aloof Alpha-male…go figure. One irritating habit of hers is marking my marks…sigh…

    • Why thank you, Sonja! I was with My Dad all day…he was reffing soccer and I got two McDonald’s hamburgers and I got to go bye-bye in the Scion xB. A good day for a Border collie! -Cody

  5. Glad I stumbled upon your fun BC blog! I appreciated the follow with a return follow 😀
    Being a therapy dog must make you feel so good inside! My 2 are my personal therapists… Lucky they don’t charge more that a busy bone a session. Whew!
    Looking forward to sharing likes and comments with you in 2015!

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