yes you heard me correctly, I want to hear your dog growl

The need for dogs to express themselves through their modes of communication!

Nancy Tanner

If you have been a parent to young children, you know that when things get quiet, something is going terribly wrong. Marker drawing on the wall, flushing cereal down the toilet, cutting their hair or their siblings hair or the dogs hair, or going out the front door for a neighborhood walk about, etc. Silence is not golden, unless everyone is relaxing together.

Laughter, talking, singing, crying, really any form of verbal communication is a welcome sound to any parent, it means their child is trying to tell them something directly or indirectly. There is information there that a parent can learn from, teach about, or simply give some well needed comfort.

It’s much the same with puppies and dogs, with the differences being, we aren’t the same species, and dogs speak canine while we speak human.

Dogs, similar to humans, use a combination of body language and verbal language in order…

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2 thoughts on “yes you heard me correctly, I want to hear your dog growl

  1. A great post. I have the happy job of working with Ellie who is highly vocal. She has many tones of bark and the one we love to hear is a deep insistent bark which is her alert that she has found the person who is missing. However I have learnt that her sorrowfull howl has a sad meaning to it . So yes we as humans should take note of our dogs tones of conversations as they all mean something.

  2. And just to be clear, this is Nancy Tanner’s article, forwarded from her blog. Yes, it is a great piece! Stresses the importance of allowing your dog’s communication methods to be expressed. Whenever MAGIC alert-barks or alert-growls, I always praise him. He is a VERY balanced, sweet, and empathic boy. No surprises with this boy’s behavior – always Mr. Smooth Operator. Thanks! Tom and MAGIC

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