“We are leaving in the car in an hour, will you be ready?”

“Remember Maisie, that Border collie you saw in National Geographic Your Shot?  She sent me some pictures.  I’m writing about the handsomeness and beauty of herding dogs…yes, I will be done here within the hour…maybe we can visit Maisie…”

“You better include your buddy Patrick on this post, and don’t refer to him as the Cattle Collie, anymore…he did not like that.  And as long as I’m thinking about it, don’t forget to mention your sudden success with squirrels…the corpses are starting to add up.”

“Mmmmm…good point about Patrick…I’ll start with him…”

My good friend Patrick lives in Shannondale, and I refer to him as Patrick of Shannondale.  IT’S A JOKE, PATRICK!  My Dad thinks you are very handsome and I’ve got to tell you, I owe you an apology.  Your Mom sent me a picture of your sister (I’d like to know her a little better) and your Mom sitting together in the Sheriff’s Prison Transport (just kidding) and without a doubt, your mom is an Australian Cattle Dog, and quite beautiful, too.

IMG952722 (1)

Patrick’s gorgeous mother is on the right and his sister is on the left.  (Photo courtesy of State Prisoner Transport System)


And, as all of my loyal readers are aware, this is my good friend and play-fighter, Patrick of Shannondale.  He certainly looks like his sister…compliment Patrick!  (Photo courtesy of Home for Deranged Cattle Dogs)


This is my mentor and renowned Therapy Dog, Cody of Lenox (RIP 01-08-2015).  Cody was well known for his fabulous ticking, split-face, and endearing disposition.


And, speaking of ticking, GORGEOUS ticking, this is the beautiful Maisie, recently observed in National Geographic Your Shot.  Photo used with permission of Maisie’s Mom, Tiehrra Alexander.  I’m hoping to get a play-date with Maisie!

maiter 7

Maisie smiling…look at those golden eyes!

maiter 1

And…Maisie after running through the mud…


This is Maisie’s house-mate, Porter.  Porter is 7 months old.  Nice ears, YOU BABY!

“We’ll be leaving soon, wrap it up, Magic!  Don’t forget about the squirrels…”

HA!  It has taken me over a year to catch a squirrel…I was always overplaying my moves…too quick, too straight, too reactive.  But, that changed last week…patience, pursuing a bit slower, and not reacting to their little deke-out moves, their trickery, their sense of superiority.  They are actually idiots, they wait too long to make their break for freedom, they get a bit too choosy in which tree to climb, or they choose one tree and just as they get there, they change their mind.  Three squirrels, two last week, and one yesterday (who did not die very pretty).  Pretty simple stuff…grab ’em, puncture ’em, crunch ’em, shake ’em.  Time to go.  Thanks, Maisie, for the great pictures.  I think I’m in love.  -Magic




  1. Patrick of Shannondale responding here to my fine herding, or shall I say hunting friend, Magic of Lenox. My dear laddie, your physical prowess eclipses me in the the small climbing rodent event. Hip, hip…. My fine man. Cheers to you! ( and thank you my fine young chap for not releasing the prison where mumsie and sis are locked up. Some cattle dogs are so ill mannered, wouldn’t you say. Chap? )

  2. Magic, Thank you for always giving me a good, hearty laugh! BTW, anytime you run out of squirrels to catch (crush!), please come to my yard. I have tons of squirrels due to my hobby of feeding the birds in the winter. You would never, ever run out of them. Also, BTW, you are a very handsome guy and I hope to get to meet you someday.

    Ann Jaslikowski (a friend of your Dad)

  3. Magic: you are magic. You don’t have any ugly friends. They are all beautiful, especially Maisie who is moy Bonita! Way to go on the squirrels: btw: cats are good mentors for hunting!

  4. Blog of Toulouse here. Thanks for sharing that about the squirrels, it makes me feel better about my penchant for baby rabbits. Dallas gets cross when I catch them , especially if I indulge in a bit a bean-bag-like tossing before devouring them whole.
    I wonder what the world record is for eating a baby bunny – my PB is about 4 seconds.
    Re the lovely Maisie – IMHO a bit of mud-splattering only enhances a BC’s beauty (again Dallas does not necessarily agree).

  5. I am very happy that all my dogs have been too slow to catch squirrels. I have been honored with the gift of a dead rabbit, a dead gecko, a dead mouse and I rescued a bull frog from impending death. All these gifts were courtesy of our mutt Taz. But I do agree herding dogs are elegant and very intelligent. (Willa insisted I add this part.)

  6. Hey Blog! Is Blog your real name…or is it a name more associated with rural peoples/dogs, something like…Hemp, or, Rover, or, Bard, Chance, Mick, or Squire? I’ll have to remember IMHO…like that use. Gotta go, bye-bye in the car! -Magic

  7. Blog is indeed my real name, given to me by the French sheep farmer who bred me, and then let me go and live with Dallas & Andy. And so, in a classic case of nominative determinism, I then tended towards WordPress, the laptop, camera etc to launch BlogofBlog – which reminds me that a new post is long overdue.

    • Mmmm…being a Border collie, I have to trust what you are telling me…since you, too, are a Border collie…correct?
      Nice ears. And one syllable names are best for Border collies…to get our attention. When My Dad calls me, all I here is the GIC part. OK, good night in Toulouse. Do you sleep in the bed? -Magic

  8. Trust Me, I’m a Border Collie!
    I get to sleep on the sofa. In the early days, when I heard stirring from the bedroom, I quickly left the sofa and slipped back into my own bed – but I have long since given up with the pretense. In hotels, I do get to sleep on the bed, but although I get a perfectly good nights sleep, Dallas & Andy get really grumpy. I don’t think they like being pushed onto the very edge (I prefer the middle), the snoring or the leg movements when I’m dreaming of catching baby rabbits. Blog.

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