Dad, stop pressuring me…I’m thinking.  Yes, Cody and I communicated quite often…Cody knew my role, the purpose of my adoption in December…Cody was OK with this…and that night he came up next to you, put his head on your chest, he told me he was going to do that.  Cody knew that I would help you and he knew it was his time to cross the bridge.  I’m thinking, give me a moment…

Cody had a lot to tell me...I want to get it right...

Cody had a lot to tell me…I want to get it right…

Cody felt bad that he wasn’t consulted when I was adopted, but he figured it out…he was very intuitive, and he said that he could tell that I am very intuitive and understanding.  Cody said that our intelligence and sense of intuition is an important part of being a Border collie…that we should embrace that aspect of the breed and never forget it…

Cody – “Do you know why you are here, do you know why Kathy gave you up, gave you to Our Dad?”

Magic – “You’re making this sound scary.  Is this my forever home?  I like it here, I like you, I like Our Dad.  I heard Kathy and Our Dad repeating the words ‘JUST PERFECT.’  What does that mean?  Just Perfect for what?

Cody – “Step in closer here, see my collar?  My collar and my dog tags say something very special, not many dogs are allowed to wear this collar, not many dogs wear these dog tags…this collar and the tags say THERAPY DOG…that you are even considered to become a THERAPY DOG is very special…just being here with me and with Our Dad means that you are going have a very special life…meet a lot of people, work with children, meet people who are sick, meet people who are very afraid of dogs, go everywhere in the Scion with Our Dad, and you will get HAMBURGERS sometimes – two hamburgers every time you stop to get hamburgers.  You will be welcomed into hotels, libraries, hospitals, stay overnight in hotels, people will always love you and pet you and talk to you, you will always be treated as a dear, long-lost, friend.”

Magic – “So, after Dad let’s you cross the bridge, can I wear your collar?”

Cody – “No.  This is my collar, and Our Dad would never let another dog wear my collar.  You will earn your collar through learning, hard work, and being tested.  You MUST pay attention to Our Dad, it is most important to always stay close to Our Dad, you can NEVER run away, always stay close to him, watch him always, watch his hands, watch his eyes, so, you always know what he wants you to do.  Sometimes, watching Our Dad and listening to Our Dad may keep you out of danger, OK?”

Magic – “Yes…that is what ‘JUST PERFECT’ means…that my destiny after being rescued in Quincy, IL was to be a THERAPY DOG?”

Cody – “Yes, yes, yes…you are JUST PERFECT to be a THERAPY DOG…it is important you understand what you are going to be, that you will be a working dog, you will have many jobs, you will be very busy…and that is good for you, because you are a Border collie.”

Magic – “A job, training, tests, spending time with people and other THERAPY DOGS, going bye-bye in the car…anything else?”

Cody – “Can you take over my blog? You will have a lot of things to talk about.”

Magic – “Yes, of course, it will be an honor…”



  1. Magic – It is so exciting to see you step in for Cody and continue his blog! I’m looking forward to more postings. Your discussion with Cody on JUST PERFECT reminded me of something that I just read in one of Jon Katz’s books. “…if you spend time around breeders, rescuers, trainers, vets, shelter workers, you hear this expression now and then: Someone’s hit the jackpot.” It means that a dog and a human have found one another and mesh beautifully……
    Well, Magic, you and Tom have both HIT THE JACKPOT! You make a great pair….and I can see that you have many adventures ahead of you!

  2. Hi Magic! So glad to read your new post! Its hard when a sibling needs to go away. I think you’ll do just fine with your new job of ‘blogger’! Good luck, we’ll all be rooting for you!

  3. Great first post, Magic! I’m glad that you stepped in right away to continue the blog where Cody left off. Cody gave you some great advice too. We look forward to hearing more.
    Rusty and Robin

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