Magic now understands "McDonald's hamburgers."

Magic now understands “McDonald’s hamburgers.”

Magic is to my left, sleeping soundly.  His inky-black upper body coat contrasted by the silver, white, gray, and black dappling and ticking of the underside is very striking, very handsome.   The two of us have had an activity-filled morning that included a drive to Roselle (to make some investigative inquiries), shopping at Target and enjoying an extended walk that included crossing paths with Kaya, a 65 pound Huskie-German Shepherd mix who LOVES Magic.  We are experiencing a thaw day here in the Chicago area and Magic and Kaya had some off-leash time to chase and wrestle.  Magic has a very sweet demeanor with all people and all dogs.  He transmits something…a force, an aura, a smell, something spiritual, that other dogs sense immediately, and the result is the play-position followed by play.  Magic is very respectful, very good-hearted about an equality to give and take, a balance of dominant and submissive.

Bright sun, a breeze from the southwest and a balmy mid 40’s means it is a very good day to bring a bucket of warm water and a sponge to the parking lot to rinse the road salt build-up from the glass of the Scion xB.

The bonding process with Magic has made significant headway since last Thursday, January 8th, when Cody crossed the bridge. I include him with all activities, meals, sleeping, car rides, meeting people, meeting other dogs.  Training, mentoring, practicing, praising, learning, and repetition is a continual and very entertaining process.  His desire to please, to interact, to provide affection is very strong.  His fur and coat is showing thickness and luster; his undercoat is coming in.  His urge to pull and lunge at moving vehicles is almost gone, and all it took was a consistent “NOOO” in a low voice whenever a vehicle appeared.  When he began to IGNORE cars during our walks last weekend, I realized that Border collies must think about their training.  I’ve introduced him, very carefully, to being in off-leash situations:  Moving from the Scion xB to our entry door, moving from the entry door to the hatchback of the Scion xB, playing with other dogs, visiting with people who come up to the car.  Magic appears to understand the concept of staying close to me, listening to commands, and paying attention.


Playing in the snow with Brandy

Playing in the snow with Brandy


  1. I hoped that you’d post again soon and I’m glad to hear about Magic. I agree that BC’s must think about what they are learning because there is a leap of understanding at the next lesson…. Right now I’m watching the puppy, Ginny, play with a binder clip that she found under my desk by tossing it in the air and rolling on it. You’d think that was the most exciting toy every made.

  2. Tom – it was heartbreaking to read about Cody’s passing – I am so very sorry – I was enjoying getting to know him through his blog posts. I’m in a state of denial about Blog’s mortality, so maybe a bit of reality now will help in the (hopefully) very distant future when the inevitable happens.
    We now look forward to some Magic Moments – he’s something special. Dallas

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