For lovers of the breed, I encourage a visit to the Border Collie Museum (www.bordercolliemuseum.org).  If you are a user of Facebook, take a look at Texas Sheep Dogs, the gorgeous dogs of Betty Gillis of LaVernia, Texas.  Ticking, split-face, merle, prick ears, flop ears…blah, blah, blah.  What it comes down to is that Border Collies (in general) are not bred for their looks, they are bred for their BRAINS.  Take me, Cody, for example.  Humans have thought that I am a Springer Spaniel, a German Short-haired pointer, and (cringe) a Dalmatian.  Humans are even asking My Dad what kind of dog Magic is.  That suggests that some people were bred for looks and not brains…mmmmmph.

But, back to ears.  Magic has prick ears and sometimes they look big enough to be part of the Early Warning System used to detect ballistic missiles coming in from over the North Pole.  (Yes they do, you BABY…)  What?  Don’t be mean?  He is so sensitive…  OK, I’ll tone it down.  My Dad is threatening to withdraw blog privleges.  My Dad has noticed that some people seem averse to saying hi to Magic.  Mmmm…Magic is inky black and has those prick ears.  From a distance, he looks and sounds VERY imposing, especially when he (thinks) he has seen a squirrel (just a leaf blowing around…sigh).  His silhouette looks like a German Shepard dog.  So do Magic’s ears make him scary looking?


DOG # 1


DOG #2

Am I NOT cute?

Ferocious DOG # 3


DOG # 4


DOG # 5

Which of the five dogs featured above appear to be the most ferocious looking?  Take your time, look VERY carefully before you make your choice.

Aha!  That is what I thought, too!  The third dog looks the most ferocious.  Must be the ears.  YOU BABY!

Gotta go, My Dad is coming…     -Cody

7 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT EARS…

  1. Cody…..when we look at Magic, we see his beautiful eyes AND his ears! Those eyes will melt anyone’s heart. We can tell that you are just a big brother……watching out for your little pal, but never, ever missing an opportunity to tease him.

  2. Cody, for once I absolutely have to disagree with you. Big, pointy, sticky-up ears are the best, and probably directly proportional to intelligence and amiability (and nothing to do with ferocity). I can’t remember where I got this from, maybe some high-brow scientific paper. Blog

    • Hey Blog, I was just teasing Magic. I know he is a sweet guy. We’ve become good friends. But, I must say that your ears are a bit bigger than Magic’s ears…so, you are speaking from personal experience?

      • Cody – Ha, you noticed! Yes, I am a little oversensitive / defensive with ‘Big Ears’ comments. SO pleased to hear that you are all getting along so well. Such fun. Blog

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