Did you hear?  Cody wants to interview me!

Did you hear? Cody wants to interview me!

Good evening to all of my loyal followers.  As all of you know, My Dad, the wizard that he is, made the arbitrary decision to adopt another Border collie from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.  And I’ll be up front about this…I was not consulted.  I was not brought into the adoption process until “the day of.”  Mmmmmmph.  And yes, I have been pouty…wouldn’t any of you?  I have been the only dog, My Dad’s dog, since January of 2004.  But enough about me.  I thought it was time to introduce the new guy to all of my loyal followers and what better way to do that than to interview him…oh yes, his name is M-A-G-I-C. (isn’t that special?)  He has respected my subtle messages, like a showing of teeth, or, a showing of teeth with a sudden move toward him.  But, I am warming to him.  When I bark, he dutifully stands up to see what the problem is.  And if he barks, I come over for back-up.  We drink out of the same water bowl at the same time.  We sleep on the king size bed together with My Dad, I guess that’s Our Dad, we respect each other’s food and snacks – no thievery by either of us.  So, let’s get started…we are in My Dad’s office.

Cody – What kind of work did you do before you were brought here by My Dad?

Magic – Did you get a BusyBone today?

Cody – Would an easier question be better?  Let’s try this…How old are you?

Magic – So have you ever gone bye-bye in the car?

Cody – Are you confused?  I am conducting the interview.  I ask the questions and you answer the questions…

Magic – Didn’t you and I each have a BusyBone this morning, right after Our Dad made coffee?

Cody – All right, yes I did have a BusyBone…you had one, too…it was still dark outside.

Magic – And how old are you?

Cody – I will be thirteen years old in January, in about five weeks….WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

Magic – What kind of work did you do before you were adopted?

Cody – WAIT…WHAT…I JUST ASKED YOU THAT QUESTION!  Mmmmm,  I was bought by a church to keep geese off their property…and I slept in a garage…and I didn’t do well at that job.

Magic – I didn’t have a job, I was lost, I slept in the woods, I didn’t have a home…

Cody – How did you get here?

Magic – A lady in a white truck stopped near a store where I was eating garbage, she slipped a rope around my neck and took me for a ride in her truck to a place with a lot of cages and scared dogs.  Another man took me in his car to Kathy’s….I liked Kathy, she was nice to me, and her dogs were nice to me, and she fed me and petted me.  Kathy was really nice to me.  And then you and your Dad took me in your car and I am here, I really like it here.

Cody – Do you know how old you are?

Magic – I think I’m less than two…Our Dad keeps talking about my teeth, how white and beautiful they are, and I still have urges to do puppy things, like hold on to Our Dad’s fingers with my teeth…gently…is this my forever home?

Cody – Yes, I think so….but please pay attention…OK?


Good evening.  Cody’s Dad filling in for Cody who is a bit pouty (No I’m NOT!) since the arrival of the Magic-man.  For the most part, the two Border collies are in their own orbits, doing their own thing.  But when Magic starts squeaking toys and throwing toys about the living room, Cody will always emerge and confront me…”play with me, throw some toys for me, I want a squeaky toy.”  And Cody has “corrected” Magic five times; usually with subtle showing of the teeth and Magic responds immediately.  Yesterday morning, there was a showing of the teeth and a “move” towards Magic which resulted in a yelp and an immediate retreat – no damage except to Magic’s psyche.

Magic’s comfort level and his realization of where he fits into the daily routine has been moving very quickly.  He is a very smart boy who watches everything.  He prefers sleeping with Cody and me in the king-size bed, he is VERY good at “let’s go out” signals, and he is acclimating to trips in the car.  He learned “shake”  in 12 tries.  He LOVES greeting people, he is very affectionate and loves to put his nose very close to your face and ears…the whiskers cause some tickling.

Last night, Magic was trying to decide where to sleep – the love seat in the living room or in the king-size bed with me and Cody.  He initially chose the love seat but started alert-barking.  He has a deep, gravelly, very intimidating bark, and can also come in with a very menacing growl.  However this bark and growl combination is so in contrast with his happy-go-lucky and endearing personality – THIS BOY LOVES EVERYONE.  I cajoled him into the bedroom, closed the door, and he immediately jumped up into MY part of the bed.  He tolerated getting pushed over to HIS sleeping area and then it was lights out until 600am.  Magic has been sleeping through the night.  Still no accidents and at this point I believe we are not going to see any, he has been VERY steady.

Two BC's on the king-size bed.  Just don't get in Cody's grill.

Two BC’s on the king-size bed. Just don’t get in Cody’s grill.

When he does want to go out, he walks to the entry-exit door and presses his head into the door…….and just stands there while looking back for me.  While we started out with leash and collar walking, Magic was lunging, especially at passing cars.  His wonderful foster-Mom, Kathy, from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, suggested that I use a harness.  I had a purple harness from Cody’s younger days.  Wow, what an amazing change of pace.  Magic immediately stopped his lunging and he is much easier to control (and train) regarding his fascination with moving cars.

And while we are on the subject of cars, Magic appears to be adjusting to going bye-bye in the Scion.  He is now jumping into the front passenger seat with no hesitation.  He will NOT jump into the back or have anything to do with the back…too close to Cody?

"Bye-bye in the Scion.  I am very quiet and don't pay much attention to cars when I am IN the car.

“Bye-bye in the Scion. I am very quiet and don’t pay much attention to cars when I am IN the car.

During our second walk this morning, Magic suddenly slowed his pace and let out a growling bark, alerting me to a lone male to our right.  Good job, Magic!

Am I NOT cute?

Am I NOT cute?


Good morning from Cody’s Dad.  Magic is getting into a rhythm…he is going poop on every walk.  And this morning’s walk resulted in his first solid poop.

Bed time, last night, was interesting.  Magic’s beddy was brought into the bedroom and placed on the floor next to me.  I climb in bed and three second later, Magic was up next to my head, instantly comfy and looking into my eyes.  He then adds the touch of a paw for further drama – “You’re OK with this, right?”

Cody then enters the bedroom and I assist him up on the bed.  He takes one glance at Magic and moves directly to his favorite spot on HIS side of the bed.  Magic moves over to Cody, begins sniffing his face, Cody shows his teeth and Magic returns to his original spot near me at the headboard.  Lights out from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am.  Not a peep from either BC.

This morning after breakfast and two walks, Magic suddenly transforms into a whirling dervish…tossing squeaky toys in the air, throwing toys on the love seat, bouncing up on the love seat, throwing toys around, running around BACKWARDS, and squeaking every squeaky toy he can find.  Then, the Codeman wants to get involved…barking at me…barking at Magic, picking up squeaky toys.

Yesterday, Magic was taken for a drive in the Scion up to Lake Zurich.  No drooling, no throwing-up, no barking…a good boy.  In Lake Zurich at Chris’s house, the Siamese cat took one look at Magic, ignited her afterburners, and LAUNCHED up the stairs in a flash.  Magic was interested but listened VERY well to stay at the bottom of the stairs.

While I like my personal bed very much...

While I like my personal bed very much…

...Tom and Cody's bed is pretty comfy, too.

…Tom and Cody’s bed is pretty comfy, too.


Good morning from Cody’s Dad!  At the moment, I have two Border collies in my office and they are sleeping within three feet of each other.  As always, Cody has been the King of Aloofness – nothing rattles him.  Our first night together was actually NO BIG DEAL.  Upon arrival, yesterday afternoon, I took Magic for a long walk before bringing him into the apartment.  Magic has been very relaxed through the first 19 hours.  He was so relaxed in his new surroundings that I brought his bed into the bedroom, placed it on the floor next to me, and he knew that’s where he was going to sleep.  I awoke at 4:15 this morning and he was in the bed, sound asleep.  Since he hadn’t had his first poop yet, I got dressed and took him out. No accidents during the night.  He was very efficient with a long pee and his first poop.  Cody didn’t even bother waking up for this event.  During activities in the kitchen this morning, both BC’s were in the kitchen, their bodies touching as they sat next to each other.  Cody and Magic have been very respectful and accepting of each other, and for those of us who know how the Codeman operates, this is no surprise.  A few times this morning, Cody picked up a squeaky toy that had been examined by Magic, Magic would come over and deftly remove the toy from Cody’s mouth.  Cody’s reaction?  “Here, take the toy, nothing to argue about, we’re cool.”  No growling, no arguments, no attempts at domination.

Magic taking a nap.  Interesting that he places his head on a convenient pillow.

Magic taking a nap. Interesting that he places his head on a convenient pillow.

Magic has taken to his bed..."I know what this is!"

Magic has taken to his bed…”I know what this is!”

Magic has displayed EXCEPTIONAL skills with meeting people and new dogs.  Brandy, who belongs to Donna, stopped by for a visit.  Brandy can be aggressive with dogs who are aggressive with her, but within seconds of meeting Magic, she dropped into the play position.  Magic became a little unsettled with Flip, a Pug, after she started to bat him with her paws, but he just backed off.  After breakfast I saw Magic starting to look out the slider and two windows, like he wanted to go out.  We were outside within a couple of minutes and he promptly took another long pee and another poop.

"What's next, Dad?"

“What’s next, Dad?”

Cody has started to acknowledge Magic’s presence…he will look at him while exchanging nose touches.  They are both very polite with each other’s spacing.  They are drinking simultaneously  from the jumbo water bowl in the kitchen.  Magic has become aware of the secondary water bowl in the bathroom, very useful in keeping heads of the toilet.

And, Magic jumped up on the love seat for a nap.  He knows where comfort is!


“Cody told me I am allowed on the furniture. OK!”


“UP, UP, UP!  We’re working today!  People are waiting for you.”

Hey!  How about some help off the bed!  And a BusyBone.  Don’t forget my meds.

Monday morning, 6:00 am.  I’ve been hearing about our Monday assignment since LAST Friday.  Yes, I like to work.  Border collies like to have a job.  We were in the Scion xB by 8:40 and pulled up to The Countryside Association in Palatine right on schedule.  I was briefed that one of Countryside’s employees will soon have a real service dog (not to be confused with a Therapy Dog) and the staff wanted to bring in Mr. Calm-Cool-Collected (that’s me) so their esteemed and valuable employees get accustomed to having a dog in their midst.  Well let me say this, right up front.  EVERYBODY LOVED ME!  (What a shock!)

Gettin' loved on by about 40 people.  We had a great time!

Gettin’ loved on by about 40 people. We had a great time!

Everybody was very nice to me.  I was petted and loved on constantly for about 70 minutes.  Some people would come up cautiously, but I would lay down, look up at them, and let them know they had nothing to worry about.  One girl sat on the concrete floor next to me and was giving me a big hug with both arms.  I thought I smelled some tears but I didn’t want to look at her and spoil her moment with me.  And NO, I am not going home with any body except My Dad.

And…NEWSFLASH!  This Saturday, I become the resident boss, trainer, and mentor for MAGIC, who will be adopted from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue (  Follow Magic’s progress as an up and coming therapy dog.  Will I be successful in transferring my intelligence, savvy, and intuition to MAGIC?  Stay tuned!

This is MAGIC from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.  He arrives for indoctrination, from me, on December 6th!

This is MAGIC from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue. He arrives for indoctrination, from me, on December 6th!