I don’t know about this…I have been called out of retirement to work with a youngster, turn him into a Therapy Dog.  Mmmm…think I can score some extra BusyBones for sharing my expertise, my years of experience?  What?  Yes?  OK?

OK, My Dad says he will provide one extra BusyBone a week, but that is all…just one.  Seems my new young charge is also a Border collie and that transferring my skills to him shouldn’t present any major difficulties.  But all rescue dogs have a story…can you give me a briefing?  My Dad is in a very good mood.  We just returned from a long car ride.  In spite of the snow and wind, My Dad kept the left rear window open ALL the time so I was given the opportunity for plenty of barking at all despised delivery trucks.  Hello.  Anyone home?  Earth to Dad.  Yes, a briefing on the new Border collie.

Blah, blah, blah…that’s it?  That’s his story?  Let’s see if I got all that.

This young male Border collie was found as a stray somewhere down in southern Illinois, near Quincy.  That is Adams County, where My Dad and I worked that Arson-Methamphetamine case.  If you don’t remember that very interesting story that also mentioned McDonald’s hamburgers, go back in my archives and take a look at it.  Seems when the Adams County Humane Society has a Border collie brought in, a quick phone call goes out to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue (GLBCR).  A GLBCR volunteer rescued this young male (un-neutered…”dude you won’t stay un-neutered for long, sorry”) Border collie and drove him to Crown Point, Indiana to be fostered by Kathy.  Kathy named him Reade.  Recognizing Reade’s looks and personality as a potential Therapy dog, Kathy contacted My Dad who had been looking for another Border collie for Therapy dog work.  As you will recall, I am in semi-retirement.  This past Saturday, My Dad, Chris, and Kim, traveled down to Crown Point to meet this “diamond in the ruff” (Thanks, Kathy).  My Dad was very taken with the sweet nature and extremely good looks of Reade, so after my approval (I get along with everyone) which will take place on December 6th, Reade will take on a new identity…his new name will be MAGIC!  Pretty cool, right.  A magical Border collie, rescued from Adams County, Illinois who will soon be a working Border collie, a Certified Therapy dog.


This young Border collie's new name will MAGIC!

This young Border collie’s new name will be MAGIC!


Yes, I still know how to bark at delivery trucks – UPS, FED EX, the U.S. MAIL trucks.  I still love to go bye-bye- in the Scion xB. In fact, My Dad took me on a mission to Twin Lakes, WI – a SECRET mission – I can’t even discuss the nature of the mission in this forum.  What?  OK.  I do have permission to reveal that My Dad took a side trip to a McHenry County Park located a short distance from our A/O (Area of Operations).  We were the only man and dog there, so, no worries about the under-informed busybodies of the world making comments like:

“Is that your dog?”  Duh, you think I drove out here by myself?

“Do you know you’re supposed to have your dog on a leash?”  And what would be different if I was on a leash?  Nothing…  Am I bothering you?

“Does he bite?”   Did I ever tell you your fingers resemble “Busybones?”  NO, I’ve never been a biter, I am an OFFICIAL good boy and a Therapy Dog!  C’mon over here and pet me.

I like it when My Dad stops at a park or nature area and I get an off-leash walk.  I can walk at my own pace, check out all of the interesting smells.  When we walked back to the car, My Dad places both of his arms under my chest and caboose and lifts me into the car…he is very gentle with me.


Checking out the smells at the McHenry County Bog preserve.

Checking out the smells at the McHenry County Bog preserve.

Preparing for loading into the Scion xB.

Preparing for loading into the Scion xB.

This morning I was feeling pretty good for an old guy and I wanted my daily BusyBone NOW!  But I never get the BusyBone immediately.  But, at some level, My Dad feels better when I am sassy with him.  My Dad places the BusyBone in a glass of warm water for about 10 minutes, to soften it just a bit.  Take a look at my BusyBone chewing technique…use of the big paws is crucial to a good chewing session.

Very important to have a firm grip on the BusyBone.

Very important to have a firm grip on the BusyBone.



I sleep like this most of the time, doesn't this look comfy?

I sleep like this most of the time, doesn’t this look comfy?