Writer's cramp...does the Scion need washing?

Writer’s cramp…does the Scion need washing?

OK, OK…Last night, My Dad was watching PBS and I was feeling neglected.  My most effective method to get some attention, some petting, some scratching behind the ears, is to calmly walk over to the human in question and slowly push my head into their thigh…persistently pushing into their thigh.  Sooooo, I’m am pushing into My Dad’s thigh and I am getting some attention, some loving, some scratching and petting, but My Dad was way more interested in this program about glass than paying attention to me.

“I’m going into the office, post on the blog, any ideas?”

“You’re Mister Creative, Mister Author, Mister Popularity. You’re out of ideas?  We changed your meds, want to talk about that?”

“Do I need HIPAA clearance for that…sign a release…isn’t that sort of personal?”

Mmmm…I just got a look, the “you’re kidding” look.  OK, OK, just trying to be funny.  Watch your program about glass.  17th century telescopes are VERY exciting.

I will be thirteen years old, sometime soon.  Nobody seems to know what my real birth date is…happens with rescue dogs.  My Dad keeps telling everyone my birthday is in January but I’ve seen my adoption papers from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue – there are THREE dates of birth for me.  No big deal though, I know I’m getting to be an old guy.  My Dad keeps telling me that I still have a very sassy personality, I love to go bye-bye in the Scion xB.  This morning, we’ll be going to the Vet to get my Adequan shot.  My Dad has been transitioning me from Rimadyl to another drug for pain management.  My hips are arthritic.  My Dad is very good about lifting me onto the bed, into the Scion, up stairs….and down again.  He is very gentle with me.  I’ve been on Rimadyl for several years and when you are taking Rimadyl, you need to get your blood tested, something about liver enzymes, the liver working correctly.  I had a blood draw last week and the important enzyme level is elevated, so no more Rimadyl.

Weather here today is sunny and cool.  Being in the Scion will be very comfy.  Post Office, the vet, barking at delivery trucks, LET’S GO!

Here is a photo of me taken by Mindy, my foster-mom in fall of 2003.  Am I NOT cute?

Here is a photo of me taken by Mindy, my foster-mom in fall of 2003. Am I NOT cute?


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