“Do you want to GO to the Border Collie picnic?”

Whenever I hear the word “GO,” my ears prick up and my head tilts to the right.  Of course I want to GO!  Bye-bye in the car, right?  I am going with My Dad to the Border Collie picnic IN THE CAR…right?  Early yesterday morning, I was assisted into the back of the Scion xB – RIGHT INTO A CRATE!  What is this?  No barking out the window?  Who will be looking out for the nefarious delivery trucks…no, not Chris.  Wait, wait, wait…re-think this approach.  FEDEX, UPS, U.S. Mail, those long trucks that carry new cars, going OVER bridges, going UNDER bridges, railroad crossings…sigh.  How can I alert My Dad to all of these dangers?  How BORING for a Border collie…sitting in a crate.  Hours and hours of BORED, BORDER, BOREDEST…  And, My Dad stopped at McDonald’s TWICE – NO HAMBURGERS.  Complaints will be filed!


Well, I didn’t have to stay in a crate during our time at the Picnic.  A lot of Border collies were there, maybe 50.  Each Border collie wore a bandana color based on their temperament.  Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected (that’s me) was given the “good with everybody” color.  I am an expert at minding my own business.  A quick hello with most of the Border collies will suffice, although a red Border Collie, MUNCH, was very amiable and had a lot to say – about everything.  I liked him a lot.

This is my buddy, Munch.  He had a lot to say about everything.  He was very respectful of my stature as a subtle alpha male.

This is my buddy, Munch. He had a lot to say about everything. He was very respectful of my stature as a subtle alpha male.


No hamburgers meant that I was getting pretty hungry at lunch time.  My Dad and Chris were eating Subway sandwiches and I was being ignored.  I stood up, shook, gave My Dad “eye” and started barking.  Where is MY food?  How about some of your sandwiches?  I can really push My Dad around, easy stuff for a determined Border collie.  Subway sandwiches are pretty good.  Even Chris had me eating out her hand.  Dad, we really have to re-think car rides in the crate…


  1. Cody, we were SO happy to see you (and your humans) on Saturday! We missed you during the Games – there was one in particular that had your name on it. We were looking to see which dog at the picnic had the “most seniority” — who had been with his forever family the longest.

    • Hi Peggy. My Dad said it was OK to write you back. I was adopted in mid-January 2004, so I have been with My Dad for 10 years and 9 months…does that sound right? -Cody, f/k/a Smokey

  2. Cody – what a fabulous social gathering. All those beautiful doggies. I do wonder if the ‘picnic’ aspect though, had been sadly overlooked? In my mind, picnics are pies, cold cuts, sandwiches, sausages… Blog

  3. Hi Blog! Unfortunately, My Dad was not in charge of the food for this event. Not to mention that it was a bit chilly to sit outside, so this was more of an “indoor” picnic. I am still pouting that I did not receive any hamburgers – even after TWO stops at McDonald’s! I went with My Dad to referee soccer (futbol) on Sunday and I was fed two hamburgers from McDonald’s so that did make up for Saturday’s disappointment. More soccer today, maybe more hamburgers….keep your paws crossed! -Cody

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