My loyal followers are well aware that I have been a Certified Therapy Dog most of my life.  The years are catching up with me, though.  I am moving a little slower, my hearing has become a bit more selective, but I can still spot a squirrel in a tree from 50 yards…HA!  I can be very sassy with My Dad, especially in the morning when he is trying to make coffee.  ARE WE GOING OUT?  I’VE BROUGHT SOME TOYS IN, PAY ATTENTION!  WHEN ARE WE GOING IN THE SCION?  DON’T FORGET A BUSYBONE!  HEY, I HAVE TO GO OUT, DON’T FORGET!  However, I have a VERY sweet personality and I have always been very gentle and very respectful.

Friday evening, My Dad started asking me, “Do you want to work, tomorrow?”  That question will always trigger the to-the-right-head-tilt.  “And then we can go bye-bye in the car to Marengo.”  Wow, working and a long bye-bye in the Scion xB…life just can’t get any better!  So, Saturday morning we were on the road at 9:00 a.m. to visit with the mother of Chris.  Chris is really working me hard…politicking me.  I must admit, she is very talented at rubbing the areas around my ears.  OK, OK, just stick to the story.  I think the Scion windows need some cleaning…hint, hint.  Promptly at 9:30 on Saturday morning, My Dad and I arrived at the Cedar Lake Senior Facility, My Dad attached the leash to my Therapy Dog collar and we head off for some work.  You know how I operate – just walk in like you own the place.  The staff and several residents were talking in the great room entry area and as usual, when I appear, time stops and all attention is on me.  And then come the questions…  Is that a boy or girl?  (duh, I’m a boy) What kind of dog? (I’m a Border collie, here, take one of my business cards)  May I pet him?  (Of course, and please pet me like you mean it)  What is his name?  (Cody, I’m Cody, here is a card).  My Dad, Chris, and I took the elevator to the second floor.  Chris’s Mom, Dorothy, was working a puzzle with two of her friends but she was very happy to see me and took time to visit.  My Dad, the wizard that he is, brought some treats, so everyone had the opportunity to see how gentle I am.



And after visiting Dorothy, My Dad and I took off for Marengo, Illinois for some “investigative” assignment  – strictly confidential.


We drive all the way to Marengo, spend three hours there, and then drive back to Lake Zurich.  NO HAMBURGERS!  I am filing a complaint with…somebody.  And to make matters worse, My Dad leaves me at Chris’s house with Melissa (Chris’s daughter) and two cats, although I was given the opportunity to meet only one of the cats, a flighty Siamese named Willow.  All of my loyal followers are well aware that I am OK with cats – no chasing, barking at, threatening – herding dogs like cats.  Soooo, check out the YouTube video of Melissa coaxing Willow to walk past me – while I am trying to sleep.  Yes, I raised my head to look at Willow, but that was more to to show her I was aware of her presence – not to startle her – I think.




  1. Cody, Dallas is always very impressed with dogs who work. If a dog herding sheep or some such comes on the telly, she says’ Oh look Blog, a dog with a point to its existence’. It seems to have escaped her that my happy smile, unswerving companionship and loving demeanour are reason enough for my simply being. Or she’s just teasing. Anyway, good on you for Having a Proper Job. Blog.

  2. Hey Blog, Not to worry. Border Collies ALWAYS have jobs. If a job isn’t given to us, we can create a job…not difficult. A Border collie’s existence is based on working for and pleasing our owners, and if that is comprised of loving and dedicated companionship, you’re GOOD! Don’t worry so much! -Cody

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