What?  Just stick to the story?  Jeez, I haven’t even warmed up the keyboard and My Dad is already giving me directions, oh, sorry, GUIDANCE is what we’re calling it this afternoon.  Border collies usually do not require a lot of “guidance,” Dad.  Aren’t you supposed to be working on the license plate sticker?  OK, OK…just trying to be funny.  But don’t forget to replace the sticker.  (hmmmph)

In my younger days, I loved to herd skunks.  I don’t like to scare or hurt any animal, except maybe for squirrels, but skunks have this attitude about them…you know, they give you that look, and show you the pink part.  “You want some of this?”  Since I have a bit of sassiness in me, especially with My Dad, my feeling is that if I can run circles around skunks really fast, while barking at them, I can probably avoid getting sprayed.  Although I will admit to getting sprayed six times.  What?  I don’t think so.  My Dad (who was about to walk outside with his license plate) mumbled something about getting sprayed nine or ten times.  My point (if I ever get to make it) is that what happens AFTER the skunking is much more unpleasant than getting skunked, in the first place, at least I think so.  My Dad’s remedy for a skunking is a bath in tomato juice.  And every time I have required a tomato juice bath, My Dad has made comments, like:

“I hope the police don’t walk in on us, this looks like a murder scene.”

“Why do you have to chase skunks?”

“You are not sleeping in bed tonight!”

“You are not going to like being pink.”

tomato juice

More recently, I have NOT chased skunks, although when I see them,I still get the urge.  My back legs and hips just don’t work like they used to…sigh.

As all of my loyal followers know, I have been a VERY skilled Frisbee dog…V-E-R-Y skilled.  My Dad and I would play Frisbee a lot.  And when I go for walks now, I always grab a Frisbee on the way out, just to show everyone a bit of my past life.  And, who is ever going to be afraid of a dog carrying a Frisbee?029

So, we still have my Frisbee collection, but now, My Dad uses the Frisbees for another form of entertainment – with SKUNKS!  With the pleasant summer weather, My Dad has been using our patio…sit outside and have a beer, have his sister (she has a Shar-Pei with control issues) over for dinner, having some neighbors over for a few beers, blah, blah, blah.  I am allowed to come out on the back lawn, adjacent to the patio, to enjoy the outdoors and keep an eye on things.  And every evening, right around dusk, here come the skunks, from the southeast of our location.  They’re sort of like members of a gang…they have an attitude, they give you the look, they don’t care that you don’t like them.  In fact, they’ll challenge you,  My Dad is VERY accurate with a Frisbee – short range or at distance – and as soon as he sees the skunk gang approaching, he is up with five Frisbees, moves into the proper throwing stance and launches a Frisbee at the skunks.  Do they get the hint, “get out of here, you gang-bangers?”  Nope.  My Dad mentioned to his sister that one of the skunks had shown him the middle claw on a front paw, boy…talk about an attitude!  After five Frisbees had sailed in on them (one skunk’s tail was hit), the gang decided to move off…AFTER spraying one of the Frisbees!  I asked My Dad if he was going to take a tomato juice bath…sometimes his sense of humor is a bit lacking.


  1. I hear that skunks smell pretty bad. Your poor dad has to bathe all that bad smell away. Or does it all really go away? Why not just chase sticks or frisbees? There must be rabbits to chase and chipmunks. They smell much better (or so I hear). Be good to your father. He takes you nice places like hospitals to see children who love to see you. That’s an important job because kids get lonely in a hospital and need to see a nice dog like you. Happy chasing, Virginia Savio

  2. Hi Cody, you skunky-monkey. Sometimes I come in after one of my late evening patrols REEKING of fox. There’s a lot of loud whinging, and I get to be hosed down (in regular water, thankfully). But I guess fox is not as bad as skunk. I never got the hang of frisbees – I only have eyes for my football. Sounds good that your Dad has an effective method for keeping those skunks away – they don’t sound too classy – even though they are black and white. Blog

    • Blog, did you read my story about the female red fox who was trying to, let’s say, become familiar with me? She was very friendly towards me. What does REEKING OF FOX smell like? Just wondering… -Cody

  3. Hi Cody – you fox story sounds intriguing – I will go and look for it in a minute. When I say smelling of fox, I actually mean fox poo. When I find a burrow, I like to dig deeper into it. Mostly they belong to rabbits, sometimes foxes. And the poo goes onto my fur. Is this deliberate or accidental? I couldn’t possibly comment. I don’t mind the smell – it gives me a certain invisibility with other animals – but has the opposite effect on humans. Blog

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