Many paws have been raised for becoming Special Agents for THE ORGANIZATION FOR FIGHTING THE FORCES OF EVIL (O.F.F.E).  Perhaps my wonderful, loyal, and intelligent followers can provide some assistance in the “weeding-out” process.  Let’s get started with the initial candidates:


Name: SHARK Breed: French Bulldog Languages: -none-   Skills: Looking interested

 SHARK was named for the appearance of his sharkskin-like coat.  Also a pretty cool name for a Secret Agent for OFFE.  Sort of flighty, a bit too bouncy, a bit too interested in just about everything.  Possible assignment as a bad guy inspector.


Name: GIZMO Breed: Shi Tsu      Skills: Looking attentive ALL THE TIME!

GIZMO likes to steal my ball, although she has a very difficult time fitting it in her mouth.  She is VERY high energy.  Possible assignment as “bait car” operative.


Name: MACY   Breed: West Highland Terrier Skills:  Elusiveness, especially when I am behind her.   Languages: Has an Eastern European air to her. Since she is one of my all-time favorite girlfriends, I am thinking a directorship could be in order.  Her accent may work well during coercive activities.


Name: FLIP   Breed: PUG   Skills: Rumors are, she worked with a Fortune-Teller and used her wide-angle vision for intelligence collection activities. Also, her head is the perfect size to fit in my caboose area, perhaps we can break her of that habit.

Me with the delusional super-sleuth JACK BAUER, and his very tolerant Mom, Danielle.

Name:  Jack Bauer    Breed:  Poma- (something)    Skills:  Can size be a skill?  A wonderful teller-of-tales…some may even be true!

When My Dad let me out a few minutes ago, look who was here!


What a change of pace! I did NOT run after the departing FEDEX truck…probably because My Dad was doing something with the Scion xB…don’t want to miss a car ride.


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