ELLIE (A Border collie) with her Dad, Carl

My Dad had soccer yesterday.  I was left at home…too warm, too humid, to leave me in the car – even with the windows down.  So My Dad set our apartment air-conditioning to chilly, made plans with his sister Mary to walk me, and left me home alone…sigh.  I just sleep.  I’ve NEVER dug through the trash, wastebaskets, or done stupid things.  Like I’ve said, I am a VERY good Border collie.  My Dad was back about 9:00 p.m.  He was still in his fluorescent green referee jersey.  We went for our last walk of the evening and he was talking about meeting a very cute female Border collie and her owner in a tree-shaded area adjacent to the Glenview Park Center.  The BC’s name was Ellie.  She is a traditional, black-white, BC with a very sweet disposition.  Her owner/handler was Carl, from Northbrook.  Carl has three Border collies and has had Border collies in the family for almost 25 years.  My Dad said he talked to Carl and visited with Ellie for about 15 minutes.  My Dad was very impressed with Ellie…she was a slender, wispy, BC…about 40 pounds, with a very outgoing, affectionate, personality.  She liked to “nuzzle” for extra petting – just like I do.  Carl said that Ellie comes from a long line of exceptional working sheep dogs.


3 thoughts on “ELLIE (A Border collie) with her Dad, Carl

  1. Hello,

    My name is Peaches. I’m a peach faced love bird. I really enjoy hearing about the important life choices you are making. I’m also glad you are making good friends like Ellie, rather than hanging around with blockheads like Wesley. After all “Bad company ruins good habits.” Please don’t ever get in the back seat of a Cooper or even a Scion with a dog like him. Considering how he treats toys, he’d probably steal your heart and disrespect you completely! One time, I got hooked up with this really nasty chick. Don’t get me wrong, she had some awesome plumage. It was all the colors of a sweet juicy mango, and that was her name, but she may have been diseased. I thought she had parrot fever because she was constantly squawking and flying off the handle. The vet discovered, (and I certainly didn’t need years of medical school to figure this out), that she had something stuck up her tail feathers. It was an egg. She had been acting constipated since our first meeting at the pet store and finally succumbed to her malady. I suppose I shouldn’t talk badly about the dearly departed, so all I’ll add to that is, “I’m glad it wasn’t contagious!”

    On the subject of bad company, usually I try to avoid gossip which is why I really dislike cackling hens, but I heard that the other day your dad was hanging around with some bird brain, (normally I consider that a great complement). This guy kept screaming “Go Purple” until he nearly did just that. The next time your dad wants to leave the house without you, remind him of that misadventure and how wonderfully affective border collies are in keeping wolves away. Like I said, I hate to gossip, but despite appearances, that purple guy, who I’d consider plum crazy, could also be considered a wolf! (Other four letter words have also been attributed to him.) Just tell your dad, the next time he’s thinking about leaving you in solitary confinement, despite your exemplary behavior, that he could simply tie you to a tree, where you might enjoy a nice game of soccer and do your best not to retrieve any balls, much less bite holes in them.

    Well, it was nice squawking with you. I wish I had more time but love birds have a reputation to live up to. I’ll be hanging around the back yard scoping out some new chicks. Sometimes I get a little cagey waiting for something decent to fly by. I’m into exotics. How I wish female cardinals were as red hot as their male counterparts! However, as mentioned above, my eagle eyes have gotten me in trouble in the past. Perhaps I’ll focus on that morning dove that’s been hanging around my back yard. She’s not as cute as some but at least she has a coo, coo, cooler disposition. She’s a lot bigger then me but I’m up for the challenge. If questioned about my choice, I’ll explain my decision by using the words of Sir Hillary when starring up at Mount Everest and simply reply, “Because she was there!” I’d consider that love crazed poodle on your website but even I have my limitations and like to keep relationships within my species.

    Until next time, keep those FedEx trucks, and anything with a noise muffler in check, but stay out of the street!
    Your fine feathered friend,


    p.s. I’d venture to guess that we both share a mutual disliking of cats! (That’s a four letter word too!)

    • Wow, my fans usually don’t get into such detail. I like cats, live and let live is my motto. I bet my bark is louder than your “GO PURPLE!!!”

      • Hi Cody,

        I have a confession to make. That guy who was yelling so loud was actually my dad. Every family has it’s black goat. You’d never catch me squawking that much. However, as you noticed, I am rather long winded. Nevertheless, I did neglect to mention one very important matter in my previous communication. That being that we hope you and your dad have a wonderful summer and to meet you in person some time. Until then, we send you our warmest regards!

        Your fine feathered friend,

        p.s. I wanted to send you my picture but I never could figure out how to work these confounded computer contraptions! (I often have a great deal of trouble figuring out the opposite sex too!) Take care.

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