It was snowing here on Friday…SNOWING in mid-May.  And this isn’t Nome, or Yukon, or International Falls…this is Chicago.  But the next day, Saturday, was really nice.  From the time we got up, My Dad was talking about a bike ride on the Des Plaines River Trail…which meant the Border collie stays home…sigh.  My Dad went out to have coffee with his sister Mary.  By the way, did I tell you My Dad CHANGED CARS with Mary.  Yes, yes, yes…she had surgery, she can’t drive a stick…blah, blah, blah.  So MY Magnanimous Dad offered to switch cars for a time yet to be determined.  HELLO  HELLO  HELLO….THERE IS JUST ONE PROBLEM WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT.  There is no window to stick my head out of, you know, for barking…this is a TREMENDOUS inconvenience for me.  You don’t see My Dad barking out his window…do you?  And another thing, the back of the Mini Cooper is not as roomy as the Scion xB.  I bet My Dad hasn’t taken photos of the cramped area I am confined to in the Mini…”nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.”  But, My Dad did not leave me at home all day on Saturday, just so he could take a bike ride.  I got to stay out almost all afternoon, outside in the sun, with My Dad!  He came home with bags of potting soil, flowers, some new perennials, a fern plant…  The winter was very hard on the landscaping outside our apartment…the perennials…as My Dad put it, “croaked.”  So, I was “the sentinel” all afternoon – watching for the devious mail trucks, FEDEX and UPS.  But it was a quiet afternoon.




You can’t force me to look happy…I DO NOT like my picture taken….OK!?


My Dad thinks this fern plant is really cool…how ’bout putting it a bit lower, so it can be suitably marked, duh…

Oh, on Sunday, I did get to go to soccer all day with My Dad.  Yes, I tolerated the back of the Mini Cooper just fine, thank you…


  1. Wait, let me get My Dad…Dad, Dad! I have been nominated for the “Leapster” award, get me a cookie! Gotta go to the vet, get my Adequan shot, later… -Cody

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