My Dad was out of sorts Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staying up til 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning…watching Animal Planet about a dead hippo being picked apart by scavengers in Africa.  What was going on?

As my followers are well aware, I watch My Dad, monitor My Dad, VERY CLOSELY.  When he is driving the Scion xB, I watch EVERYTHING he does to control the vehicle…every time he touches ANY of the controls at ANY time, I watch very carefully.  I would LOVE to drive the Scion xB.  When My Dad is in the kitchen, you can find me at the kitchen entryway…monitoring.  When My Dad is in the bathroom, I am either right next to My Dad or blocking the bathroom entryway.  When My Dad is in bed, I am right there…my head on his right thigh, or, I am “muzzling” his right elbow for some extra petting.

But, Tuesday morning, My Dad did not have breakfast.  When we went out on “assignment,” to serve papers on some deadbeat, we made a stop to get some burgers at McDonald’s, but, My Dad did not buy his usual – The Thai-Chili Wrap with grilled Chicken.  He did buy a Sprite…but no food. Strange behavior.  I got two plain burgers, though.  We were back home by 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.  My Dad wasn’t eating anything…was he sick?  I noticed that the big plastic jug in the CVS bag was now in the kitchen.  My Dad filled this jug with water and shook it up.  My Dad must have been thirsty…he drank five or six glasses from this jug over the next hour.  I had to monitor him in the bathroom, much more frequently than usual.  Then, later on, he got real thirsty again.  He finished off the remainder of this jug.  Every time he drank a glass full, he had this look on his face that it tasted yucky.  Sometimes, I like stuff that tastes yucky, but, he would not let me try any.  Usually, My Dad and I are in bed by 10:00 p.m.  Not Tuesday night, he was on the couch watching some gross Animal Planet series on dead animals in Africa.  We were up way past 2:00 a.m.  I even got a walk in at 2:00 a.m.  A short walk…My Dad seemed impatient, he wanted to get back inside to the bathroom.  I was becoming worried…more bathroom time.  But I am a very faithful, very loyal, companion.  I was right there, in the bathroom, monitoring…

Yesterday morning, My Dad left early.  But he didn’t drive his Scion xB.  Someone else picked him up, the car was different, didn’t sound like the cars our neighbors use.  My Dad was back home by 11:00 a.m.  He had some pasta and chicken from Noodles & Co.  I got some chicken and a few pieces of the curly-Q pasta…yummy!

So, everything is back to normal.  My Dad is eating again.  I was listening to My Dad say everything was normal, no problems…whatever that means.


Monitoring My Dad is a tough job.  Vigilance, alertness, and dedication are the primary requirements.

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