HAPPY HUMP DAY (and it’s not even Wednesday)

My wonderful, faithful, and loyal followers are well aware that I am VERY well behaved.  When my fellow canines engage in behavior that is, let’s say, inappropriate, especially if they engage in frowned-upon activities with me, I will correct their behavior.  A “correction” may consist of a slight raising of a lip, or, getting right in your face with ALL teeth being bared.  Remember those pit bulls who tried to mess with me?  Yep, that lasted all of about 13 seconds before they trotted off…back to the hole they emerged from.  While I am a highly respected therapy dog with a stellar reputation, that does not mean I’m a “woossy.”  I stand my ground…I’ve never backed down from any canine.  It’s always “friends first”…unless you act like an idiot.  Sorry…enough about me…

Yesterday was AMAZING – weather wise.  Sunny, very comfortable temperatures, no chilly breezes off of Lake Michigan.  My Dad had a soccer match up at Mundelein High School.  I didn’t get to go bye-bye in the car…too warm to leave me in the car.  But I did get to bye-bye in the car later in the day.  What was my point, here?  Oh, yeah…Hump day.

It was dinner time, My Dad had just finished a salad and was enjoying a glass of ice-cold Boulevard Brewing 80 Acre.  Our patio slider was open.  My Dad and I live in a first floor apartment that faces east and looks out on a large tree-shaded, grassy, meadow.  My Dad thinks we have the nicest unit in the entire Village Green complex.  Two of our neighbors, Shweta and Angela, were out in the meadow, enjoying the beautiful evening with their dogs.  Shweta’s dog is a Maltese (I think) named SNOWY, and Angela’s two dogs are also Malteses and their names are LOLLIE and COCO.  All three of these dogs are in the micro-dog classification.  I am a big Border collie at around 62 pounds…SNOWY, LOLLIE, and COCO each have weights measured in ounces…OK, just trying to be funny…how about eight (as in the number 8) pounds apiece?  So…LOLLIE is a male who has been de-equipmentized, if you know what I mean.  I have also been de-equipmentized, but that was over 10 years ago.  COCO is a female who has NOT been de-equipmentized.  I bet you know where this is going…

The little micro-dogs were playing amongst themselves.  I was relaxing in the shaded, cool, grass, watching over my domain, as Border collies are supposed to do.  Suddenly, instead of THREE little white micro-dogs playing, I am seeing only TWO.  Where did the third micro-dog disappear to?  Just as I thought I would have to activate my Border collie-ness to conduct a location exercise on a missing micro-dog, I realized that LOLLIE was engaging in INAPPROPRIATE behavior, and TWO micro-dogs now appeared to be ONE micro-dog.  Angela, LOLLIE and COCO’s Mom, said that COCO was…for the sake of young readers, let’s use the term…IN SEASON.  And poor LOLLIE, in spite of being de-equipmentized, still had his primal instincts kicking in at a very INAPPROPRIATE time.  “DUDE!  calm down!”  I don’t think he cared what we were thinking.


OK, pay attention…there are THREE micro-dogs in this image.  LOLLIE is hard at work.  INAPPROPRIATE!


The bouncing micro-dog is LOLLIE.  He is very eager to get another opportunity with COCO…and they live together.  I sense future issues with these two.


It’s been a long day.  My Dad is about to take me on the last walk of the day.  Soccer today with My Dad…have a great Sunday.

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