I’ve heard this all my life.

“Wow, he’s got big paws.”  “Those are some paws…”  “BIG OL’ PAWS!”  “GOSH, those are HUGE Pawwwwws!”

OK, I get it.  Border collies need big paws on the front because we need that traction, that maneuverability….sort of like a Porsche 911.  But most athletic Border collies could probably pull more G’s at high speed than a Porsche 911…just sayin’…STOP START SPRINT RUN TURNING….over and over and over.  Canine athletes.  Border collies – the versatile breed…right?

2 thoughts on “BIG PAWS

  1. Funny you should comment on those paws. When I took Molly to the office yesterday one of my colleagues commented on the fact that her front paws were larger than the rear ones. I never really noticed but now you mention it I can see why she has them….you’re right she’d be much less nimble without them (without large paws I mean…not without paws)

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