My Dad always dresses appropriately for the cold weather.  Around New Years, when it snowed for 45 hours straight followed by below zero (F) temps and wind, My Dad even purchased a pair of ski goggles.  Yes, without a doubt, he looked a little dorky.  But, he stayed warm and I got longer walks in.  As you will recall, I had a full ROUGH coat for the duration of the winter, so laying in the snow, eating snow, taking my time in the snow, was not a problem.  I did not get bothered by the cold.  Yes, I did get shaved down about two weeks ago.  My Dad calls me “tiny” and “little man” because I look much smaller after getting a puppy cut.  Hard to believe I am around 62 pounds.  All of the other dog owners know me by name and they have really been making a big deal over how I look and feel with my super-soft, gorgeous, luxurious, under-coat exposed for all to see, touch, and admire.  And speaking of coats, My Dad, took his hooded storm coat from the couch, where it had been in a state of readiness all winter, placed it on a hanger and hung it in the hall closet.  I gave him the look as he closed the closet door, “You absolutely sure about this?”  But with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and all of the snow GONE, My Dad was in a very good mood and even mumbled something about not having to put 23 pounds of clothing on – just to take me for a walk.  Hmmm…I don’t know if I like the tone of that.

This past Saturday the sky moved quickly from partly cloudy to a foreboding dark gray.  Lightning, thunder and HAIL in the late morning.  Take a look at the pictures of the hail.  On Sunday My Dad and I drove to Glenview to referee AYSO soccer.  Did I mention My Dad is a soccer referee?  Sometimes he puts me on-leash (I know, Cody needs a leash?) and lets me sit with the parents (he also calls the parents, “the peanut gallery”).  There are always a number of parents who greet me very warmly and do not hesitate to ask if I can sit with them during the game.  I’m cool with that…I get a lot of attention from the adults and their kids.  Oh, the leash thing…given the opportunity, I will chase the soccer ball – I am a Border collie!  Saturday ended with chilly, windy, wet, rainy conditions. Monday was WINTER, with high winds and SNOW – another inch and a half.  Yep, you guessed it…the storm coat is thrown across the couch in a state of readiness.


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