Yes, the Therapy Dog gig is volunteer.  But, we all have our REAL jobs, right?   I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet…keep it on the hush-hush…My Dad is an investigator, a PI, a Private Detective…shhhhhh…I said keep it on the hush-hush.  Now I’m sorry I said something.  Keep it C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L…(ok?).  Anyway, I get to ride with My Dad when he is working.  I help him watch traffic, alert him to the hated delivery vans and automobile carriers.  Sometimes I get to go “undercover.”  We’ll be on a surveillance (gotta be quiet) or delivering packets of documents to people (who may or may not be expecting these packets).  My Dad will say, “Let’s go Codeman, let’s go work.”  And, we go for a walk.  Sometimes it’s just around the block (who is going to be suspicious of a Border collie out for a walk…right?).  Sometimes My Dad goes right up to a house, knocks on the door.  He tells me to act normal.  The people answer the door and My Dad tells these people that he lives over on the next block and some mail was mis-delivered (what?).  The people say, “Yes, that’s me, thank you.”  And My Dad gives them the documents, and we walk away.  (tough job)  And then, sometimes, My Dad wants me to turn on my “tough guy” personality.  Usually, some strangers (stranger-danger) are looking in our car and they don’t know My Dad and I are in the back behind these black curtains (on surveillance).  My Dad says the secret words (WHO’S THERE?) and this 60 pound Border collie becomes the PROTECTOR – I bounce up from behind the black curtain like some nightmare magic trick and give the strangers my DEEP tough-guy bark…I really let them have it.  You should see the look on their faces (BOO!).  My Dad says, “GOOD BOY.”  One great thing about working with My Dad is our stops at Culvers to get some (plain) hamburgers.  We have had this surveillance in Rockford, IL and part of my dinner has been TWO single burgers from Culvers…yum, so good.


Monitoring my Dad during surveillance.


  1. Wow !! Cryptic stuff….I, Molly, am not much of a barker myself. I have a bit of a session when mum goes out in the morning, but tend to stop when the neighbour talks to me and throws me a biscuit. And I like to really really bark along with Terry the collie next door when he goes out for his walk. Thing is when we meet up in the street or in the fields we just like to play, no hard feelings.

    • I am VERY picky on choosing my canine friends. I will know – immediately- if we are going to be friends. When I think you can be a good friend, I get in the “play” position and throw my head back and forth. I like to visit Diego the best. I’ll send you a picture of Diego. – Cody

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