BANISHED! (to the car)

My Dad didn’t do much vacuuming this past winter – always too cold…to put me in the car.  That all changed today.  Sunny, with the temperatures steadily moving UP….maybe 60 F today.  My Dad picked up the car keys and I was right behind him.  When I get to the xB, My Dad always says, “Piggies Up!”  I struggle a bit, but I can still get my two front paws up into the car.  My Dad then (gently) places his right forearm under my tummy and lifts me up.  I like sitting in the car, it’s comfy, very COMFY.  My Dad then returned to the apartment and vacuumed in peace…if I was inside while My Dad was vacuuming, vacuuming would take D-A-Y-S.  Hah!   Don’t look so surprised.  Most people know that Border collies usually go WACKO with weird noises, and I am no different.  Electric drills, hair dryers, coffee grinders, did I say vacuums(?),  electric saws.  I will attack the vacuum, I will try to grab the drill right from My Dad’s hand – REALLY!  I think My Dad is a bit of an air-head, does he really understand the dangers in operating electric appliances that make irritating, high-pitched noises?

After vacuuming and cleaning the bath and kitchen, My Dad came back to the xB and we drove to Target.  Windows open, unlimited barking allowed (with ear-plugs IN).  My Dad was in a very good mood.  Most people who see my speckled split-face sticking out the left rear window will laugh, point, smile,  My Dad enjoys people smiling when they see me.Image

In the xB with my main squeeze Bailey.

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