I like to hide, too!

Ahhhh, I hear the UPS truck!  The rumbling sound of the diesel.  The brown cube that needs some serious herding!  My Dad has seen me challenge the brown cube – head to head – I will run right at them, make them stop.  Those brown cubes need some discipline and I can provide it.  Well, not on Tuesday.  I heard the cube stop.  Dad, wake up, ALERT-ALERT-ALERT, the cube is right outside the door.  The cube operator is ringing our doorbell!  Let me out, let me chase the brown cube, let the brown cube know that I am aware of it’s presence.  A delivery right to our door.  A book about a…Border collie?  MOMO.  FIND MOMO. How cool is that!  My Dad is looking through FIND MOMO, and showing me the photos – a lot of photos about a Border collie who likes to hide and his owner, Andrew Knapp, takes a picture.  Sometimes, MOMO is very hard to spot.  Mmmm…the subject matter of FIND MOMO is very familiar.  My Dad knows that I, too, like to hide.  Remember our estate?  Well, I mean the public golf course….where the female red fox approached me and showed me her tummy…that golf course.  I would hide on my Dad, hide in some bushes, or just lay flat, like Border collies are known to do.  My Dad would call and call and call, whistle and call, call me, call me, over and over.  It was very entertaining to watch him looking for me.  But there is one phrase I just cannot ignore, “LET’S GO BYE-BYE IN THE CAR!”  All of a sudden I am right next to my Dad, and he asks me, “Where have YOU been?”  My Dad eventually figured it out.  He saw me laying flat in some bushes, motionless and unresponsive to his call…until he mentioned something about bye-bye in the car.  I was caught at my own game!  My Dad can be very amusing!Image

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