If you have been paying attention, like a Border collie (wink), you are aware that I am a Certified Therapy Dog.  I know, it does sound special, doesn’t it?  I have a special collar with bling – I AM A THERAPY DOG.  My special collar reads in BIG letters THERAPY DOG.  It’s pretty cool when I am out in public or in the Petsmart…once people realize I am a Therapy Dog, they do not hesitate, they just get in close, pet me, look in my eyes and I….just stand there looking up into their eyes….tail wagging.  What do I say…I mean, what would I like to say?  “Yeah, I’m cool”  “What’s with the hesitation of the hand over my head – PET ME!”  “What’s your name?”  “Yes, I am gorgeous, I hear that a lot.”  “I’m a boy, duh…”  “Ah, no, I am not going home, or anywhere else with you – my Dad would object!”  “Step to the right, I see a UPS truck over there.”  blah-blah-blah…  Border collies always have a lot to say, we’re very chatty.  In the morning, my Dad calls me, “a very sassy Border collie.”  Mmmm…he’s so right.  So, the way my Dad talks about this FEAR OF DOGS class, I can tell he is VERY proud of me.  My Dad and I get there about 3:30, I get to say HI to my good friend Sophie, a labradoodle (I think).  She and I are kindred spirits, sweet souls, old souls…we’re just GOOD dogs.  We have always gotten along – very well.  Then the kids start arriving…   I am in a down stay (which is SUCH an easy trick).  Sometimes I get scared when the kids come in…they see us (the dogs) and I always start thinking that some other creature, a monster, Godzilla, maybe, is in the room behind me.  The kids are SCARED.  I thinking…WTF, what’s behind me, what did I do, what am I not aware of?  Then, the best part of the class…I get to WORK.  Border collies LOVE to work.  Go check out my video of BORDER COLLIE SEAL, DO IT NOW.  Anyway, I catch Frisbees, catch balls, play soccer, and bounce this big ball off my nose.  Some of the kids start laughing so hard…it is pretty funny.  Sometimes they’ll pet me or brush me.  Tough work.Image

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